Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Depending on the season, it may take 2-6 weeks for the order to be delivered.

2. Question: What is 3D Printing Technology?

Answer: This is a modern way of creating products where we can achieve a realistic look and texture which makes the product closely similar to the original thing like the moon. This is also the process we are using for our lamps as we aim to bring you 

3. Question: How will I know the status of my order?

Answer: Within a week of your purchase, we will be sending you a shipping notification containing your order number then you can go to our "Track your Order" link or to  to monitor your shipment. Please note that it might take several days for your tracking information to be updated.

4. Question: How do I assemble the constellation projector?

AnswerWe have prepared a video tutorial showing the step by step process on how to assemble the constellation projector properly. You can watch it here: